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1013 East Walnut Street
Columbia, MO, 65201

(573) 227-2233

Fretboard Coffee is a specialty coffee roastery and cafe located in Columbia, MO - roasting daily. All coffees are ethically sourced and grown without chemicals or pesticides.

Bolivia Cumbre FTO

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Bolivia Cumbre FTO


Bolivia Cumbre FTO


Full City+, This medium+ roast showcases the complexity and depth of flavor in these beans while allowing the caramel and chocolate notes to sing.

This lot of Bolivian beans is vacuum-packed at origin and comprised of 100% Specialty Arabica (Tipica 90%, Caturra 10%) from the Chijchipani region.  These coffee beans were shade-grown in the higher altitudes of Colonia Siete Estrellas in the Caranavi Province of the Republic of Bolivia.  Hand selected by "Palliris" (Aymara Indian women food graders), these beans were de-pulped, washed using pure Andes glacier-melt water, and sun-dried on wooden table tops. As these beans have been processed by the individual growers and milled at the Proagro mill, they have both Fair Trade and Organic certifications.

This coffee is superb and makes a wonderful dark roast or a nice medium roast.  Even before they are roasted, these beans have a floral, fruity aroma. They are just as they smelled when they left the "Beneficio" (coffee mill).

Bolivian specialty organic coffee is the "Hidden Valley" of all specialty coffees.  Several of our growers have won the top four spots on the coveted Cup of Excellence® Awards every year since 2003.

Altitude Grown - Above 4,500 feet.

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