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1013 East Walnut Street
Columbia, MO, 65201

(573) 227-2233

Fretboard Coffee is a specialty coffee roastery and cafe located in Columbia, MO - roasting daily. All coffees are ethically sourced and grown without chemicals or pesticides.

Guatemala Huehuetenango DTO

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Guatemala Huehuetenango DTO


Guatemala Huehuetenango DTO


City roast. This Guatemala cultivated in the Sierra de Los Cuchumatanes mountains of Huehuetenango. This co-op is made up by 46 small producers, of which more than half are women. The Rio Ocho farmers are committed to organic farming practices, but faced with rising costs and expensive certification have been unable to re-certify their coffees. Unique to this area, each producer wet processes their coffee at their parcel and then takes the processed coffee to their home for drying. Producers use the pulp as organic fertilizer. On-site de-pulping significantly reduces the amount of work required to hand-carry their coffee from their plot to market.

Altitude: 5900 - 6500 feet.

Cup Characteristics: Medium body, sweet with a fruitiness that is truly unique.

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