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1013 East Walnut Street
Columbia, MO, 65201

(573) 227-2233

Fretboard Coffee is a specialty coffee roastery and cafe located in Columbia, MO - roasting daily. All coffees are ethically sourced and grown without chemicals or pesticides.



Brew Methods


French Press

An enduring classic, the French Press conjures a full-bodied cup with a velvety mouthfeel and bold flavor by preserving the beanʻs rich oils and solids. Strong and simple, like a good bass line

10 oz. cup $3.00

16 oz. cup $4.00


Cold Brew

Youʻve never had iced coffee like this. Two-thirds less acidic than hot coffee, cold brewʻs 12-hour titration produces a smooth, rich cup that retains its fullness well after the ice has disappeared. Slow and sultry.

10 oz. cup $3.90

16 oz. cup $4.75


Siphon Pot

Harmonizing temperature and pressure, the siphon pot retains fullness and strength but yields a clean, sediment-free cup. Come for the coffee; stay for the show.

1⁄2 Pot (1 cup) $3.25

Pot (2 cups) $6.50



Often called “manual espresso,” the aeropress packs a strong punch of concentrated flavor in a smaller cup. Loud and proud.

6 oz. cup $3.25



Invented by a chemist over a century ago, the Chemex amplifies the mid-range, offering a delicate mouthfeel and the cleanest taste. Pure and precise, share this orchestral cup with friends.

Small pot (3 cups) $6.50

Large pot (5 cups) $8 .00


Pour Over

Similar in taste and style to the Chemex, the pour-over method is a customized cup for the soloist in all of us.

10 oz. cup $3.25

16 oz. cup $4.25

Espresso Drinks

Caffee Latte - Espresso with steamed milk and some microfoam

Cappuccino - Espresso with steamed milk, topped with more microfoam

Caffé Americano - Espresso with hot water

Double - Intense, flavorful, aromatic shot of espresso

Chai Latté - concentrated chai tea & with steamed milk and micro foam

Dirty Chai - concentrated chai tea & 2 shots of espresso with steamed milk and some micro foam


Hot Chocolate

10 oz 16 oz

$4.00 $5.00

$4.00 $5.00





$3.50 $4.50

$3.00 $4.00

Pick Your Tea

Black Teas

African Queen

An outstanding example of Kenyan black teas, African Queen is malty and smooth with toffee like hints of toast with butter. A beautiful golden coppery infusion – excellent alone or with milk.

Black Passionfruit

A tropical treasure of sweet, fruity flavors combined with the lively astringency of Ceylon black tea. Makes an excel- lent hot or iced tea.

Masala Chai

Our Masala Chai is a spicy blend of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, clove, black pepper, fennel and star anise mixed with a vigorous Assam base. Delicious and full of flavor. Especially enticing with milk and sugar.

Yerba Mate

Early South American tribes discovered the wild yerba mate plant and considered it “the drink of the gods.” Most yerba mate comes from Argentina and makes a boldly flavored highly caffinated tea.

Herbal Teas

Blood Orange

Smooth, citrusy with sweet hints of vanilla, Blood Orange is an unbelievably refreshing brew. Naturally caffeine-free.

Crimson Berry

The deep crimson infusion is succulent and jammy with refreshing wild berries and bright hibiscus. Naturally caffeine-free.