Welcome to Fretboard Coffee!

We are a family-owned coffee roasting business, first established in Brooklyn, New York in 2009. Our inspiration joins two of our passions:  roastin’ and rockin.'  We roast the best beans from around the world to create individualized, hand-crafted batches, ensuring the freshest, most original and high quality cups of coffee from each batch. Custom roasting to fit the tastes of individual coffee-lovers is what we’re known for. We have standard roasts available for those who love exotic high quality coffees, but for those who want a special blend or roast, we are happy to customize your order. No matter how you take your coffee, each cup of rich, harmoniously blended Fretboard Coffee that touches your lips will be roasted just for you.

David Elman started Fretboard Coffee back when he was pan-roasting beans on his kitchen stove and rocking out to Pearl Jam and The Beatles for inspiration. Thanks to endless encouragement and a lot of feedback from friends and family, he started Fretboard Coffee so he can rock and roast with you.

Why buy fresh?

Coffee beans are fragile little beings! They start to stale within hours of their completed roasting. This means that coffee roasted long ago or exposed to too much oxygen will degrade in taste and quality while losing forever the original character of the bean. Coffee that you purchase from brand-name bulk producers or even from some specialty coffee corporations may or may not be fresh by the time you open the bag. Even vacuum-sealed or refrigerated, coffee that was roasted weeks or months prior to its placement on a store shelf will not retain its originality, freshness, or depth of taste by the time it reaches your cup.  At Fretboard Coffee, we not only roast the highest quality beans, but we also factor shipping time into our roast schedule – so that each batch is at peak freshness when it arrives at your home.  If you’ve bought our beans at your local grocer, notice the roast date and compare it to other brands next to Fretboard.  You’ll most likely see that ours is the most recently roasted!

To ensure the maximum freshness, we roast in small batches. Because we are on a never-ending quest for the perfect cup, the beans in stock do change from time to time.  If there is a particular bean that is no longer available on our site, email or call us and we will see if it can be ordered and restocked.  We aim to please and love to talk coffee!

Fretboard Coffee

Bold Roasts

Our Bold Roasts are Full City+ to Vienna style. This is a medium to dark roast in which the natural sugars in the beans begin to caramelize. The oils within bold roasted beans begin to rise to the bean surface, and the characteristic shine of the dark roast starts to show.

Mild Roasts

Our Mild Roasts are City+ to Full City style. This is a light to medium roast in which the beans have been roasted perfectly to retain the character of their particular geographic origin.